Image: EAGx Rotterdam, 2022

Connecting researchers and policy-makers for safe artificial intelligence in Europe

European Centers for AI Safety

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With Europe's strong research background and widespread policy effects on the world, we have a shared opportunity to make artificial intelligence better and safer.

Technical AI Safety Research

Technical AI safety research investigates possible solutions to ensure AI is safe, fair, and transparent. For an overview on AI safety research see here.

Read more about the large positive potential and risks from AI safety.

Image: AI safety research hackathon, Paris

Governance of artificial intelligence systems

The European Network for AI Safety works to support and broaden the awareness of governance on AI.

The European Union is already at the forefront of international governance of artificial intelligence systems with the EU AI Act, the most ambitious international effort towards ensuring a safe future with AI within the EU and abroad.  Read more about the EU AI Act here.

Image: Margrethe Vestager, EU commissioner responsible for "A Europe Fit for the Digital Age"